La Roca


Perhaps the most iconic part of this house is how well it fits within the natural landscape. However, it came with great efforts. When Stone Mason Andy Johnson visited the site he noticed the original boulders on the site being demolished to clear out a space to build–he stopped them in their tracks. He then carefully moved these boulders away from the site so construction could take place and then repositioned them when construction permitted. He did all this without scratching the boulders to keep them in their natural state and saved the clients thousands of dollars.


The Kitchen

Sitting at the center of the house, the kitchen is tiled along the walls using Paul's Flower Tile, a tile Jeff designed the really confuse the viewer who tries to identify where one tile begins and ends. Ablitt Flower Tile lays across the floor.

The island uses wood from the Santa Ynez Valley milled and finished by David Moseley. The chandelier is a collaboration between David Shelton (ironworker) and Saul Alcaraz (glassblower).

Jeff's kitchen sketches below.


Griffin Tile


Often Jeff will create a tile design specific for a client. The Griffin Tile was inspired by the client's favorite mythical creature. Ironwork above by Jeff's brother, David Shelton.


Mazzy Flower Tile

A fun floral pattern Jeff designed to carpet this playful room.


Master Bath


First we try to situate the bathroom where there is morning sunshine. We located this Bathroom so the Bath tub faces the north and wall on the East has a large 5’ wide by 6’ high window letting morning light into the room. We wanted to have as many widows as possible, while maintaining privacy. The house is set among giant sandstone boulders, so we used the boulders for privacy from the North. The large eastern window starts above 5’ from the floor to maintain privacy from that direction. Because of the all the colors from the garden beyond, we kept the color pallet to two colors, Blanc and French Blue.


The Wall

Andy Johnson also repurposed the boulders into an irrigation-friendly wall saving the clients from using concrete.